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DISCLAIMER: Face shields should be sanitised before and after use This item is free of charge and not tested against standard requirements. This item is worn at the wearer’s own risk and no liability for any damage (physical, mental, physiological or health) is accepted by the Manufacturer or any Agent of, or on behalf of the Manufacturer. Our focus is making face shields to be worn as well as, not instead of other PPE. Focused for non front line (e.g. not ICU or high exposure) key workers who cannot get other equipment. Donations are well received and will be focused on covering material costs and growing our capacity

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We are a small (growing fast), Portsmouth based, team of volunteers co-ordinating an initiative to create basic face shields made up of a

3D-printed head-mount, clear visor and elastic for those who must continue their community-facing work whilst the rest of us stay at home to fight against the spread of Covid-19. Initially we are focusing on GP surgeries and non critical-care uses.


We are using 3D-printers to make the head-mounts which make up these face shields. This started on Monday, 23rd March and we delivered the first 15 four days later. Since then, GP surgeries and other groups have started contacting us. Our focus is on co-ordinating the print of the head-mounted visor holders and then adding in the transparent visor sheet, before attaching an elastic strap to it.


If you are part of an organisation which is non frontline (e.g. not ICU or high exposure) and would like to request face shields please submit a request form by clicking the link below:


UPDATE 14/05/20: We are currently unable to provide face shields due to recent Government guidelines. We are investigating this at the moment and will hopefully be able to deliver the 2,000+ face shields that we hold in stock to those that need them as soon as possible.

Helping you to keep safe

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