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DISCLAIMER: Face shields should be sanitised before and after use This item is free of charge and not tested against standard requirements. This item is worn at the wearer’s own risk and no liability for any damage (physical, mental, physiological or health) is accepted by the Manufacturer or any Agent of, or on behalf of the Manufacturer. Our focus is making face shields to be worn as well as, not instead of other PPE. Focused for non front line (e.g. not ICU or high exposure) key workers who cannot get other equipment. Donations are well received and will be focused on covering material costs and growing our capacity

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We have a fantastic team of volunteers with us so far, but are always looking for more. We are currently looking for spokespeople to spread the word that we can supply face shields to keyworkers and raise awareness of our Crowd Funder so we can buy greatly needed materials to carry on.


Current help includes: 3D-Printing, unit assembly, component collection, completed unit delivery, shock cord providers, and much more.


So that we can speak with you more about how you can help us in the South Hampshire Area, please complete this form.


Form and contact for current makers:

• Please complete this Daily Update Form (by 5pm)

• Logistics contact: Rich Thoroughgood – Email | Facebook

Helping us to keep them safe