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DISCLAIMER: Face shields should be sanitised before and after use This item is free of charge and not tested against standard requirements. This item is worn at the wearer’s own risk and no liability for any damage (physical, mental, physiological or health) is accepted by the Manufacturer or any Agent of, or on behalf of the Manufacturer. Our focus is making face shields to be worn as well as, not instead of other PPE. Focused for non front line (e.g. not ICU or high exposure) key workers who cannot get other equipment. Donations are well received and will be focused on covering material costs and growing our capacity

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The global COVID-19 pandemic has left many of the Solent’s front line staff without the required protection to safely carry out the key work they do - helping others in their communities and hospitals.


We started as a group of three volunteers (with 2 3D printers) in Portsmouth just over a month ago, and our community has since continued to grow with volunteer makers, movers, punchers, coordinators and assemblers, all overseen by the The Makers Guild CIC.


Joining up with a national team,, we are part of a 7000+ volunteer community across the UK, making face shields. As a local hub we are providing them free of charge to anyone who needs them to help keep safe and continue working.


We have assembled a 3D print & laser cut team who have so far made over 14,000 face shields for doctor’s surgeries, community workers, pharmacists, care homes, food preparation & handling teams, security staff, Hampshire Police and many more who are working tirelessly to keep people safe.


We have used open source designs and overcome supply issues to those who are not covered by front line PPE supply. Our remixed design allows for faster production, reducing the print time of each face shield head-mount by half, This means we are able to get the critical extra line of protection to those who need it most, as quickly as possible.


As a volunteer group we started out with no funding however due to demand we set up our Facebook and Crowdfunder pages so we can continue to purchase the materials needed to fulfil all requests. We have been astounded away by the generosity of both our local community and hard-working, selfless volunteers and will continue to work around the clock to provide much needed PPE for those who need it most.


We have a fantastic group of volunteers and support from some amazing organisations that are working around the clock to fulfil the requests we are receiving.


Groups: Priory Secondary School, UTC Portsmouth, Ditcham Park School and St Edmund’s Secondary School, Victory Trophies, Mailboxes Etc, Selden Masts Ltd, CooperVision, The Hamble School, Southsea Cycles ...with more contributing teams to add.


Individuals: Michael Buchan, Paul Lawson, Ming Wu,

Sharilyn Woodman, Phil Davies, Miguel Blasco, Henry Marks,

Rich Thoroughgood, Claire Thoroughgood, John Pryde,

Rod LaSel, Jo LaSel, Murray Lane, John Compton,

John Bushby, Andy Langworthy, Mike King, Matthew Brydon,

Darren Ball, Ana Espina, Julia de Klerk, Abi Young,

Katherine Coghlan, Colin John Mills, Martin Pavier,

Richard Walker, James Crook, Lee Setford, Jez Johnston,

Jen Keane, Chris Rich, Eric de Greef, Katie Barrett,

Christopher Parke, Alan Richards, Colin Macey,

Lisa Walker, James Carter, Luke Twigt, Matt Sills,

Will Keeble, Steve Oliver, Marco Curto, Kevin Watkins,

Russell Sykes, Andy C, Sally Barrett, Claire Turner,

Gavin Thompson, Mark Hooper, Alan Richards,

Ashley Budd, Steve Karagozlou, Hannah-Louise Grey,

Abbie Hendry, Malcolm Dent, Liz Breadner, Maureen Breadner,

Xavier Manasse, Seb Bagnall, Sam Hallam, Louise Hallam,

Andrius Bigas, Steve Montgomerie, Alex Wilkinson,

Oscar, Ben Calvert-Lee, John Poole, Simon Homewood,

Jada Fray, Tina, Leigh, Carol Ritchie, George Elmer,

Crispin Summers, Will Hartridge, Jason Melis,

Charlotte Duke, Macie Phipps, Jenny Candy,

Joseph Maphosa, Gabriel Tossi, Duncan Band,

Nick Pratt, Jarrett Mills, Bob Simms,

Matthew Durham, Bertand Malas, Adam Cross,

Dave Western, Max, Jaz, Heather Buchan,

Sarah Malcolm, Adrian Brewer... and many more


With the demand surging for what we are producing on a daily basis and with our community growing every day, please help us to purchase the materials we require in order to keep our volunteers’ machines running.


If you know anyone in need of protective face shields or would like

to volunteer to help us please fill in our request form or our

volunteer form.


Please help us to help them!

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All funds will go towards the purchasing of 3D print filament (PLA and PETG), clear sheets for visors, polypropylene or acrylic sheet material  for laser cutting, elastic reels, bags, boxes and some fuel for our coordinators to deliver the face shields to where it is needed.


When supply chains of PPE make us irrelevant we will stop...

we will produce books, have them audited and any surplus will go to a charity... the 3D printers we have had donated (a few so far,

£250 each if you'd like to know) will be refurbished and donated to local schools.


No one is getting paid, no one is billing 'admin' or management charges... so everything you donate is turned into visors delivered free to those who are heroically looking after us.


Many thanks for considering us.


Thank you


UPDATE 14/05/20: We are currently unable to provide face shields due to recent Government guidelines. We are investigating this at the moment and will hopefully be able to deliver the 2,000+ face shields that we hold in stock to those that need them as soon as possible.